COST issues Annual Report 2022

COST issues Annual Report 2022

What are the most crucial issues for researchers to gain relevant success in their projects? Funding. But what is the fundamental base of any funding? Networking. Without networking, no one would solely receive any grants and run any business or project. Thus, networking is key. 

One of the core networks is COST – the “European Cooperation in Science and Technology”. It has been established in 1971 and after challenging years due to Covid-19 pandemic it is on track again. 

Recently it published its Annual Report for 2022. Ronald de Bruin, Director of COST summarizes the previous year: “As of spring last year, most of our networks were once again able to meet in person. This included 1.462 short-term Scientific Missions, 229 Training Schools, 306 conference grants and 807 action meetings.”

The scientific missions allow researchers to visit an institution or laboratory within COST network in order to foster collaboration and to share techniques and research infrastructure.

COST finances itself actually via a seven-year grant within the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA). The total amount of the grant is about 153 million euros. The average value of spin-off projects to date ia bout 9.5 million euros.

Alain Beretz, President of COST, concludes: “I am confident that we will continue to be a vital resource for researchers and a stepping stone towards EU funding schemes.” As previously said: Network first. Money follows.

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